Teach Yourself To Sing


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So You Think You Can't Sing!

But if possible you would really like to teach yourself how to.

You think you have a really awful voice and you are usually out of tune. You've either got it or you haven't. You think there no way to overcome these issues and even if they could be overcome it takes years of personal training. However you thought you'd search the internet just to see if there's anything that could help and most importantly you don't want to go to a singing teacher because it's all just too embarrasing, you want to Teach Yourself To Sing. Well good job your here because there's good news, you can sing and you can teach yourself to sing and with a little additional coaching, you can sing really well. For the vast majority of people there are really just a few common areas that needs to be worked on, they usually fall into the following categories.


Vocal Pitch
Problems that involve pitch. Hitting the right notes can be an issue even for good singers. Some experts maintain that everybody has pitch problems. It's just a matter of how much and for how long. The good news is that pitch problems can be corrected. Check out the Vocal Pitch page for more information on how to remedy pitch problems.

 singing out od pitch

 no singing power


Vocal Power
For some people intonation may not be a major problem but they may struggle with getting some power behind thier voices. Suggest you take a look at Vocal Power pageto see how more powerful performances can be attained

Vocal Range
Some singers may have powerful voices with good intonation but are limited in thier range. They may be only comfortable in singing in just or two octaves but they would like to be able to extend their their range to three or four. Check out the Vocal Range page for solutions and products that can help.

 singing range

 cats singing

General Singing Instruction
If you don't think you fall into one of the specific categories listed above then these perhaps you want some all round instruction. The folowing page lists many resources that provide General Singing Instruction.