5 Point Singing System

Highly Instructional Singing tuition

5 Point Singing Course


Having been in the music business for over 30 years, the lead singer of Farmers Daughter pumping out hits like Borderline Angel and Blue Horizon, Angela Kelman knows a thing or two about singing, all of which is covered on her 5 Point Singing System. This course, similar to many other singing courses, teaches a solid foundational set of principles for beginners, but unlike other courses, she includes much material for a wider singing clientele, including wannabe karaoke singers, wannabe singing teachers, professional singers who haven’t sung live for a while, music producers and wannabe songwriters.

It soon becomes evident that she has been around the whole spectrum of the music business and is experienced all of these specific areas. Check out her opening video and the first thing you’ll become aware of is just how experienced she actually is. This course contains a lot of video tutorials and online personal guidance is also a feature, it is also nicely priced for the wealth of instruction offered.


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