Vocal Relaxation

Probably one of the best products for extending the range is Ann Paris Vocal Relaxation System, which concentrates specifically on what is required to create a powerful vocal range by learning the necessary techniques to relaxation. And because it’s mainly about the technique there is just enough of what you […] Read more »

Superior Singing

  Arron Anastasi admits up front that he was not a naturally great singer, everything he achieved had to be learned and worked at there is no magic bullet. The opening video is about 15 minutes long but worth watching because the singing tips presented in the video include; how […] Read more »

5 Point Singing System

  Having been in the music business for over 30 years, the lead singer of Farmers Daughter pumping out hits like Borderline Angel and Blue Horizon, Angela Kelman knows a thing or two about singing, all of which is covered on her 5 Point Singing System. This course, similar to […] Read more »


  Singorama is one of the most popular singing courses available online. It is a complete singing course containing 28 modules which covers everything from pitch to range to harmonies to breath and diaphragm control. It is very well presented and easy to follow, perhaps not quite as comprehensive, nevertheless […] Read more »

Pure Pitch Method

Pure Pitch Method   The Pure Pitch Method works on building up the inner ear and has been acknowledged by musicians all around the world as the fastest and easiest approach to developing pitch recognition anywhere. Of course that’s for you to judge, but unlike On Pitch Singing and Pitch […] Read more »

Pitch Master Pro

  Pitch Master Pro teaches how to recognize the differences in pitch. When it comes to pitch, there are really two types, Absolute or Perfect and Relative pitch. Most good singers and musicians have relative pitch, very few have perfect pitch. The difference is that relative pitch allows you to recognize a […] Read more »

Pitch Perfector

  The Pitch Perfector Program is a software application that analyses your pitch and shows you how to correct the anomalies specific to your voice. You sing, it listens, records and analyses, because it is software, it is an accurate and unbiased critic. This is one of the the best selling […] Read more »