Middle Voice Method

Marjorie Searcy's Middle Voice Method

Marjorie Searcy’s Middle Voice Method


Marjorie Searcy’s methods concentrates on the Middle Voice, containing 7 voice lessons and 10 advanced vocal lessons that tackle the 10 most common singing problems. The exercises cover, how to expand the range, strengthen the voice, sing in the correct pitch and proper usage of vibrato, with a particular emphasis on the Middle Voice. The middle voice can sometimes be a problem for beginner singers, this is when the voice produces a noticeable change in tone when moving from the chest voice to the head voice.

There is often a breaking noise in continuity that sounds like the voice jumped from a lower register to a higher register, it sounds like there is a few notes missing that are necessary to smooth the transition. If not corrected there will always be a gap… literally, in a singers ability to perform effectively. This is Marjorie’s specialty and she knows exactly how to help people fix that break. But this is not all that her course teaches, in fact it is a full well delivered general singing course, good for all types and levels of singers. Her home page does an excellent job explaining what the course delivers.


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