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Pitch Master Pro teaches how to recognize the differences in pitch. When it comes to pitch, there are really two types, Absolute or Perfect and Relative pitch. Most good singers and musicians have relative pitch, very few have perfect pitch. The difference is that relative pitch allows you to recognize a note based on knowledge of another note. In other words, if I hear a note that I know is an F#, I will be able to tell other notes based on this knowledge. I have a reference point on which to compare, but without knowing that the given note was F#, I would not be able to tell any other notes I hear.

On the other hand absolute or perfect pitch means I can tell the name of any note I am given without having to compare that note with any other note. Like you can tell a letter is ‘x’ or ‘y’ simply by looking at it. This ability is far and few between, but Pitch Master Pro, which is also a software program, promises to show the user how to attain both absolute and relative pitch. The difference is how much work you want put into it.

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  1. Hope Annanis says:

    Have it, like it,

    I wouldn’t say I’ve got perfect pitch yet but it has really helped me recognize notes better.

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